Top SEO Factors

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The Top 200 SEO ranking factors measured daily.

There are many types of factors reported here.

1. On-page SEO Factors

These are factors that reside in your HTML source.

2. Off-page SEO Factors

These are factors like backlinks, referring domains, and anchor text that reside off page but are in reference to your page.

3. Diversity SEO Factors

These are factors about the diversity of factors you page is using.

4. Structural SEO Factors

These are factors about the structure of the information on your page.

5. Schema and Meta Data SEO Factors

These are factors about the meta data of the page.

There are many more categories of SEO factors as well. These are just examples to name a few.

Top SEO Factors

The Top SEO Factors website was built to provide daily updated information about ranking factors. Top SEO factors measures and tracks over 2100 SEO ranking factors and reports daily on the 200 top SEO factors. No other website reports on top SEO factors in this way. What you tend to find on this topic will be old list style opinion articles that used no measurement data OR old studies that haven't been kept up to date. Top SEO factors uses anonymous data shared from SEO tools and covers the top SEO factors being researched by SEOs recently. Top SEO factors updates the factor rankings daily. It is for this reason we hope you will return often to Top SEO Factors.

Top SEO Factors

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Some ideas for content edits: Google my business is a tool that lets you interact with google’s ranking algorithm and local search engines, which ultimately helps you improve your ranking on google, as it motivates people to find businesses in the area where they live without having to leave their homes. Working in conjunction with google search and google maps, google relies heavily on information from google my business to determine and rank local search results. Rankbrain is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to rank websites based on user experience and behavior. The component of the google algorithm that processes user experience information to influence ranking is called rankbrain. Google is by far the most popular search engine, and the website positioned number one in google search results experience the highest click-through rates from search queries. A brand that has a facebook page that gets lots of likes then google will take that as a brand signal and regard that brand highly. Page speed is one of the most known and important google ranking factors and google can easily assess your speed via your html code. Search engines will look at the keywords used in the url, the url length, the url path, and the url string. After a 6-year us army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the us and overseas, chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. Structured data using schema markup provide a way for google’s engine to read your data within data and provide rich formats that create standout search results. Key categories include domain factors, page-level factors, site-level factors, backlink link factors, user interaction, special google algorithm rules, brand signals, on-site webspam factors and off-site webspam factors. If people search for your brand in google, this shows google that your site is a real brand. Schema markup is structured data—the kind of data google admires because it tells the bots what your site is about. The lower this number, the better your speed is and the higher chance you have of being rewarded by google with a higher ranking on search engine results pages. It’s been four years since engaging content surpassed backlinks as the top factor in google’s search algorithm, and while content maintained its proportion of the algorithm in 2022, links decreased. As with google’s regular search algorithm, the local algorithm is often updated by google. Google may choose to display your information however they want in search results, but you can greatly influence this with your copy and structured data markup. Note that dofollow backlinks, nofollow backlinks, total backlinks, and text backlinks are all in the same category of importance. Google launched its groundbreaking pagerank algorithm update back in 1996, which made it clear that the number and quality of links to a page would be a strong indicator of a website's quality, and more than two decades later, it's still the case. Most people starting off in search engine optimization think that google assigns a score to things like topicality, content quality, pagerank, page speed, mobile-friendliness, and so on, then adds them all up for a total score. Google search uses breadcrumb markup in the body of a web page to categorize the information from the page in search results. Google uses an algorithm known as rankbrain that uses machine learning to understand complex user searches and how they relate to various topics. S why google developed a broad set of ranking factors, resulting in an algorithm that considers user experience to assign a score to each page based on authority, quality, and usability. This tool uses chrome user experience data and churns out reports for you based on two different speed metrics. Google has made page speed an essential ranking factor, which means that pages with better loading speed will be better than pages with a slower speed. Although social media isn't a direct search engine ranking factor for google, social media marketing can supplement a strong seo strategy. This tool will analyze your website speed and display a score for mobile and desktop and give you suggestions and highlight the factors that you need to improve, to speed up your website loading speed. Youtube is the second-largest search engine in the world after google over 18 billion users log in to youtube every month and they spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on it every day in fact, millions of videos are uploaded every day to. Pagerank, which is based largely on backlinks, is google’s original ranking algorithm. Google’s current ranking algorithm was built around rankbrain - an ai algorithm that organizes and improves search results. While some of these factors may have a minor impact on the loading speed, every step toward improving your page speed can make a difference in the user experience and make it a google ranking factor for you. Ranking factors include domain authority, page speed, optimization for mobile, user experience, external and internal links, backlinks, social signals, html code, and other components. While it is always better to get backlinks from brand mentions, google does consider unlinked mentions as brand signals. Backlinks are a key component of google’s ranking algorithm as it helps google crawlers find your page for indexing. Sure on how google uses it for search, we do understand that google collects a lot of data from users to better their search experience. Google announced a search engine algorithm update focused on mobile page speed that started to affect sites from july 2018. This is all the more true for mobile websites, as google has announced that its speed update would make loading speed a ranking factor for mobile search. Google’s use of machine learning is already making it harder to understand ranking signals and algorithm updates. They are an important part of google’s ranking algorithm and it’s how google crawler finds your website for indexing. Making it the fifth most important factor in google’s algorithm in 2022, in the realm of mainstays like backlinks and keyword in title tags. Like i said, google doesn’t like to show outdated information, so make sure your articles and blog posts are up-to-date. More than relying on a trending google ranking factors list or tips and tricks, it is all about how you can positively transform the user experience and, at the same time, prove to google that you have the best answer to a user’s query. T talk about all the google ranking factors from social signals, we do feel we should mention that social media and search engine rankings has a lot to do with correlation, not causation. Filling up the information about your business and verifying its location helps google to decide if or when should your business be displayed for the local search queries. High-quality backlinks continue to be central to google’s ranking algorithm. Get the latest information from our google search central blog. These core web vitals are a bunch of different variables that google considers are important for user experience on any website such as the speed, responsiveness, and how rapidly various elements like fonts and images load. You can either enter the url where the content is, or copy the actual html which includes the markup. Every time a user carries out a search in google, they are contributing to test data that helps google understand what users actually want from the search results, based on the search query. Page loading speed is important in seo ranking as it also relates to user experience - search engines want to ensure their users have a great experience. This information can include private information, such as your phone number and address. Schema markup, or structured data, is a type of back-end microdata that tells google how the page should be classified and interpreted. Digital pr campaigns can help increase a brand’s awareness and gain the number of backlinks. Before the search engine algorithm focused on the instant match and keyword density, that is, the number of instances of a keyword within a page or content piece. All in all, the updates to google's algorithm base their ranks on user experience. The google search ranking algorithm relies on an abundance of ranking signals and algorithmic equations to present webpages ranked by relevance on its search engine result pages. S recent search history and search behaviour may impact search engine rankings, and therefore, likely contributes as a google search engine ranking factor. This can be achieved by providing quality content that has been written following the search engine optimization guidelines, by writing relevant titles and meta descriptions, and by providing backlinks from other sites to help google understand that this article deserves a higher ranking. In fact, backlinks and content go hand in hand, as website pages without any backlinks are hardly get any organic traffic or rank in google search results. The search engine’s spider estimates site speed based on the page’s html code. Google relies on an intricate and sophisticated algorithm to retrieve data from its search index and deliver the best possible results for each search query. Google’s algorithm to rank local search results relies on a wide variety of different signals, so it can be difficult to know where you should dedicate your efforts. Google also taps into chrome browser user data to get insights into loading speed. To make things simple, google gives you a free tool to help structure your data. In june 2021, google rolled out another major algorithm update that places more emphasis on site speed. Rankbrain is a pr-sexy machine learning ranking component that uses historical search data to predict what would a user most likely click on for a previously unseen query. In the us, it has a sizable data set on which to base its understanding of the factors that comprise google’s search algorithm. Their inclusion in the search algorithm is in line with google’s ongoing determination to prioritize the user experience. A huge factor in user experience, mobile usability is a sure google ranking factor in 2022. It acts as a huge google ranking factor in local search results and google maps. The search engine uses backlinks to connect topics with relevant data to provide searchers with specific results. The biggest change to google’s algorithm in the last five years is the increased importance of user engagement, which was integrated into the ranking algorithm in 2016. Local seo requires its very own strategy that is distinct from other optimization efforts but on a more general level adding authentic business information on google my business, facebook and other relevant local citations are crucial local ranking factors. They are an important part of google's ranking algorithm and so the google crawler finds your website for indexing. As the number of mobile users increases, search engines like google ensure that the websites provide a seamless experience for them. In recent years, google has been evaluating user behavior to determine how users feel about specific pages, and your website needs to deliver a positive user experience for it to rank higher in serps. Information about google’s focus on relevance, authority, and usability can lead to some wild extrapolations. The better the user experience of the web page, the more likely it receives weight from the search algorithm. This google ranking factor, while unconfirmed by the search engine, comes from the hilltop algorithm too. Based on user data like bounce rate, pages viewed, and time-on-site, search engines can determine the usability of a website and take that into search engine ranking consideration. Optimization of internal site structure and page information to maximize the crawlability of the search engine bots and to maximize an intuitive and natural user experience. A digital marketing agency that specializes in b2b digital marketing, website development, search engine optimization and content marketing. Most of google’s recent algorithm updates are around mobile site experience. In tandem with sentiment and tone, unlinked brand mentions tell google a story about your brand’s expertise and popularity. Page speed is in the list of the top google ranking factors because it directly affects user experience. Over here, you'll find a number of simple and effective digital marketing strategies to grow your blog and influence online. You can use it to present meaningful information to google about a web page. This website uses google analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Backlinks remain one of the strongest ranking signals in google’s search algorithm. It’s believed that google uses the results from its human quality raters as training data in its machine learning algorithms. Rankbrain is the current iteration of google’s algorithm. Google also checks a page’s loading speed via chrome, thus making it another one of the google ranking factors. To protect their reputation and improve the quality of the results, google adjusted their algorithm and changed the way backlinks are accounted for. When your content is present in any social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc, it can create a strong feeling of the brand in the visitor’s mind. For a website or blog search result ranking and these are the most important ranking factors that will help a website or blog owner to boost their ranking in google search results. Besides the google pack of local search results, local result pages also produce organic results just below the google pack. S webmaster central blog has stated the value of relevant and authoritative backlinks a number of times. How many backlinks are required for google pagerank? When most businesses think of search engine optimization, the first thing that comes up is google or search engine rankings. Https encrypts data between a browser and a server to improve security for visitors, and it is a lightweight google ranking factor. The higher quality the information you provide it with, the easier it is for google or another search engine to scan it and show it to somebody when they search for a related keyword. Most seo’s are aware that google uses artificial intelligence called rankbrain to rank web pages. Some backlinks are so spammy that they can throw your whole backlink profile on googles blacklist, eventually leading to a google penalty. These algorithms analyze hundreds of different factors to try to surface the best information the web can offer, from the freshness of the content, to the number of times your search terms appear and whether the page has a good user experience. Page speed has been cited as one of the most important seo ranking factors for years because google wants to improve users’ experience of the web, and it favors fast-loading web pages to do that. S possible that google fishes for location-data to determine whether or not a site is a big brand. Semantic html markup helps crawlers find and process images. T have an impact on your local search rank, they still can be helpful features and additions in reaching consumers looking for more information about your business in google. Now, people spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media platforms such as facebook, youtube, instagram and more. One of the biggest announcements about seo changes to come out of google this year, the page experience update essentially confirms user experience will become an seo ranking signal at some point in 2021. Backlinks from other websites show that people trust and value your content, which is a huge plus for google’s ranking algorithm. Inbound links from other websites tell google that information from your site is credible enough for people to link to that information from their websites. Google my business is a free service offered by google that gives customers an easy way to find information about your business and connect with you by phone, messaging, or leaving reviews. We specialize in google ads, facebook ads and search engine optimization. Because if acquiring these backlinks, you are sending signals to google that your website or blog content is trustworthy. A search engine has a complex algorithm that collects information about the site, analyzes it, gives a quality rating, and on the basis of this rating assigns a place in the top. Data privacy is becoming more important, and having ssl or other data protection certificates for your site can help a piece of content rank in the google search results. Important google my business covid-19 updates google recently placed the following notice on each listing within the google my business dashboard. You should also consider implementing a proper schema markup that will further help google understand the content you’re producing and information on who you are. Page is properly marked up with structured data, it may appear as a faq rich result on google. Google, yahoo and bing are the ones that you need to concentrate on, and i suggest google being your top search engine in mind. Thankfully, through our data and data from other reputable seo sources, we’ve got proof that the highest-ranking pages on google do tend to have longer content. Google, for example, regularly makes adjustments to the algorithm that decides when, where, and how to show a specific link, with the overall mission of providing the most relevant and reliable information. Enter the url of your wordpress website to install monsterinsights lite. As well as our own proprietary data platform to help unravel the great mystery of the digital age that is google’s algorithm for ranking factors. A brand search can also help google discover that your brand is real and genuine. Another big google seo ranking factor that contributes to user experience but gets its own bullet point is page speed. Before we dive into the most important google ranking factors for your 2020 seo checklist, you should know how the google ranking algorithm works to put your business at the top. At blue corona, our data-driven approach to optimizing content is finding the balance between content length and conversions, which will continue to be an important search engine ranking factor in 2020. To check the loading speed of your website, you can use the monsterinsights site speed report. In december 2021, google updated the local search algorithm to place more prominence than ever before on proximity as a ranking factor. Your relevance is dominated by business listings, structured data, backlinks, and metadata keywords. Not only is ignoring mobile a surefire way to alienate potential customers, but google factors in mobile experience to search engine rankings, too. In spite of the fact that google claims nofollow backlinks do nothing, here the data is disputing and telling a story quite the opposite. You may use a mobile testing tool or speed checker to gauge your site’s page loading speed if you’re unsure of the correct status. The search engine plans to use chrome user experience report data to rank websites. Search engine bots can estimate site speed based on your page’s html code. Google uses page speed as an seo ranking factor because it plays a monumental role in the user experience. Google considers this information as a strong brand signal. User experience and page speed are both parts of loading speed. Google’s webmaster central blog, put out in 2018, lists some encouraging ways in which we even help our clients boost site speed. Technical rank signals measure your site’s performance overall, looking at things like speed, sitemaps, url structure, and markup. Google may view the number of comments on a blog or article as an indication of its worth and engagement. That doesn’t matter how optimized your website or blog is, if your content quality is not good according to google, then you don’t expect a higher ranking for your website or blog. If you produce content made for search engine users and provide them with a quality experience, google will like you more. E-a-t is a vital evolution in the google algorithm because it ensures that users are served correct, helpful, and accurate information in their search results. Finder ranking factors, we can see high numerical google ratings, keywords in native google reviews, and quantity of native google reviews all to be of high importance. As the most sought-after position in google search, google works hard to ensure that users are being served the most valuable and insightful information. Google search console provides tools to help you submit your content to google and monitor how you're doing in google search. Why should google rank your blog post on the first page instead of thousands of similar blog posts? The tool will analyze your competitors’ backlinks and find the backlink gap — websites that link to your competitors, but not you. When the information on your gmb listing and other directories is not consistent, your search engine rankings are likely to be affected, as search engines want to offer only correct and relevant information. Ad experience is tied to page experience and core web vitals because it is impacted by the user experience and how the user interacts with your website. Backlink ranking factor also involves on-page ranking factors where google assesses your keywords and the quality of information on your pages. The number of video embeds in youtube seo is similar to shares on social media. With google comes down to its artificial intelligence component called rankbrain. Google chooses featured snippets content based on a combination of content length, formatting, page authority and https usage. Once a promising factor in the algorithm due to its success in the google my business ranking algorithm, dropped off the list entirely. Depending on the keyword, rankbrain will increase or decrease the importance of backlinks, content freshness, content length, domain authority, etc. There are over 200 google ranking factors that google uses in its algorithm. Google ranking factors are the elements of your website that the google search algorithm takes into consideration when deciding what webpages to show in the search results for a given search query. In fact, the idea of weighting backlinks and referring domains began with google’s algorithm back in 1996. They gather and analyze this information and then adjust the search engine ranking factors to improve the user experience. If people specifically search for your brand, then google understands that your brand is legit. Google considers https an important signal for a good page experience. Why should google rank your blog post on the first page instead of thousands of similar blog posts? How many backlinks are required for google pagerank? Will google continue to support this extra recognition that comes only via page 1 ranking and savvy structured data placed on the ranking page? How important are backlinks for search engine optimization of your website? Are the number of video embeds a ranking factor for youtube seo? So, what is content quality for the google search engine? How many search terms are found in the html tag at the root of your html document? Synchronising data across profiles - why your information needs to be similar? This data helps the search engine determine the type of page — for example, is it a recipe or a book chapter? Does google have a specific length requirement for getting your content indexed? What is google algorithm? Txt file that tells google where to look for site information? What does its structured data and html tags say? Do you have an account on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and any of the other top social media platforms? One of the questions we’ve come across a lot of times is whether content length a part of google ranking factors? And who takes a journey without regularly checking their speed and direction? What does it mean for your google search ranking? Are they looking for basic information about your products, do they want a tutorial like a how-to article, or are they in the final stage and ready to make a purchase? What is local search engine ranking? As reported by ahrefs, how many backlinks are pointing to the images on this page? Thing you need to quickly rank on google? What is the length of your search result summary text? Are 301 redirects a google ranking factor? Does your website rank high in google? How many google search ranking factors are there? Google appreciates a solid consensus when it comes to opinions, and really, don’t we all? Is my website showing up on google? What are the google ranking factors? Google search console removes average position or is it another glitch? Show detailed source information? At the beginning of your website url? Did you know that there are over 200 google ranking factors? How does google rank websites?

Understanding the Top SEO Factors Data

We measure up to 2100 possible SEO factors and we use both Spearman's and Pearson's correlation coefficients to help identify likely ranking factors that may be contributing to the sort order of the search results. To date this method has been highly successful in helping top SEOs rank pages. The factors you see in this report are the strongest correlations of the 2100 factors. We continue to measure all possible factors because we don't know which factors will stop working or which factors will start working again. We still suspect we don't know all the factors. So in general, if it is measurable and plausible we will measure it going forward.

Why are you sharing such valuable information?

We share the information because it helps our industry learn about SEO. The measurement facts about how pages in the number one rank position are tuned typically break people's belief-based assumptions about how search works. This information is very inefficient for SEO in general. People still need Cora SEO Software because the amount of each factor you need to compete will change from keyword to keyword and URL to URL. So the information in this report might be good for some keywords but it might be too little or too much for other keywords. At the end of the day SEO is about ranking efficiently, especially if you are a professional full time SEO. Tuning your page to the correct amount for your keyword competitors is the key to efficient SEO.

Some of the top SEO factors aren't meant to be tuned.

Some of the 200 top SEO factors on this list are meant to inform us if Google is using certain algorithms or parts of algorithms. If you generally have no idea how to tune for something then skip it or go learn about it. If there are HTML tags, HTML attributes, or Schema Objects you don't know then please look them up before contacting us. W3Schools HTML Reference, Reference

Top SEO Factors - 2022-05-19 - View Factors By Date
OrdinalFactor IDName#1 MaxPage 1 AvgCorrelationCorrelation By PageKeywords
1CPZZZ50Number of Top 50 Shared Factors Used4321-0.35-0.5893.09%
2CPZZZ100Number of Top 100 Shared Factors Used8744-0.33-0.5992.33%
3ENT000aNumber of Entities Used6526-0.32-0.6571.10%
4CPZZZNumber of Factors Used221134-0.32-0.6194.02%
5CPZZZ200Number of Top 200 Shared Factors Used14881-0.30-0.5891.41%
6CP470Keywords in the HTML Tag58,835279-0.27-0.5596.12%
7CP134Keywords in Body Tag48,676268-0.26-0.5693.51%
8CP061Ahrefs Referring Class C Addresses1,06755-0.25-0.4115.08%
9CP062Ahrefs Referring Domains2,487101-0.25-0.3915.16%
10CP063Ahrefs Referring IP Addresses1,78375-0.25-0.4015.25%
11CP161Keywords in H1-H6 Tags6589-0.25-0.5490.82%
12CP157Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 Tags6038-0.24-0.5391.24%
13CPX010Keywords in Div Tags25,593160-0.24-0.5295.53%
14ENT009Entities in Title Tag283-0.24-0.5464.36%
15CP067Ahrefs Text Backlinks1,080,76615,814-0.24-0.3115.33%
16CP064Ahrefs Referring Pages1,080,85915,829-0.24-0.3115.33%
17CP002Ahrefs Backlinks1,080,85515,829-0.24-0.3115.33%
18ENT003Entities in H2 Tags847-0.23-0.5470.43%
19CP059Ahrefs Rank3214-0.23-0.5110.03%
20CP465Keywords in P Tags4,50142-0.23-0.5194.44%
21CP153Keywords in H1 and H2 Tags1395-0.23-0.5288.80%
22CP054Ahrefs NoFollow Backlinks258,1282,367-0.23-0.3615.25%
23CP129Keywords in A Tags3,58432-0.23-0.5092.42%
24CP469Keywords in Sentences3,99534-0.23-0.4992.92%
25ENT004Entities in H3 Tags576-0.22-0.5269.17%
26CP004Ahrefs Dofollow Backlinks908,69913,382-0.22-0.2915.25%
27CP375Keywords in LI Tags1,34821-0.22-0.4891.07%
28CKWD001Clean Keyword Density in the HTML Tag2045-0.21-0.4982.39%
29CP127bKeywords in Unique A Tag HREFs1,67438-0.21-0.4692.33%
30CP127Keywords in A Tag HREFs2,67255-0.21-0.4692.84%
31CP165Keywords in H2 Tags1214-0.21-0.4891.58%
32CP071Search Result Display URL Matches111-0.21-0.5079.19%
33CP475Term Frequency63-0.21-0.4893.09%
34CP097Search Result Link Text Matches111-0.21-0.5079.36%
35ENT018Entities in Sentences569103-0.21-0.4398.23%
36CP488Keywords in pages top 10 most used phrases212-0.21-0.5187.36%
37GD001Google Variation Density3053-0.20-0.4982.22%
38ENT001Entities in HTML Tag1,534288-0.20-0.4297.47%
39LSI002LSI Words in Sentences3,775599-0.20-0.4397.30%
40CP135Body Tag Size Kilobytes23985-0.20-0.4793.34%
41CP160Leading Keywords in H1-H6 Tags352-0.20-0.4888.04%
42CP487Keywords in pages top 5 most used phrases101-0.20-0.5087.87%
43CP038Ahrefs Has NoFollow Backlinks11-0.20-0.5414.32%
44CP465cKeywords in script Tags10,11349-0.20-0.4692.33%
45CP045Ahrefs Has Text Backlinks11-0.20-0.5514.32%
46CP128Keywords in Alt Attributes3328-0.20-0.4590.31%
47CP481Keywords in Title Tag172-0.20-0.4778.77%
48CP019Ahrefs Has DoFollow Backlinks11-0.19-0.5314.57%
49CP156Leading Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 Tags272-0.19-0.4687.28%
50CP470aSearch Terms in the HTML Tag38212-0.19-0.4389.55%
51CP017Ahrefs Has Backlinks11-0.19-0.5414.49%
52CP468Number of Sentences24666-0.19-0.4389.05%
53CP134aSearch Terms in Body Tag24512-0.19-0.4390.23%
54CP458Page Size Kilobytes340155-0.19-0.4787.36%
55DD010DomDetailer Majestic Referring Subnets76,04714,865-0.19-0.2529.74%
56CP492bUnabridged Word Count5,0721,821-0.19-0.4291.07%
57DD015DomDetailer Moz PA7346-0.19-0.4327.80%
58CP140Clean Text Kilobytes3111-0.19-0.4190.48%
59DD006DomDetailer Majestic IPs340,30753,147-0.19-0.2530.24%
60CP381Keywords in Meta Descriptions422-0.19-0.4681.38%
61CP492Word Count4,1601,449-0.19-0.4088.88%
62CP471Keywords in Span Tags77611-0.19-0.4491.32%
63CP137Keywords in the Canonical URL602-0.19-0.4781.04%
64CP999Search Result Path Matches132-0.19-0.4677.09%
65DD005DomDetailer Majestic CF6538-0.19-0.4328.81%
66DD008DomDetailer Majestic Referring Domains2,347,019331,187-0.19-0.2530.58%
67GD004Google Density Exact Matches343-0.19-0.4665.63%
68CP070Ahrefs Word Count3,1821,271-0.18-0.425.73%
69ENT008Entities in Meta Description Tag463-0.18-0.4763.10%
70CPXR24Number of P Tags13539-0.18-0.4488.29%
71CP169Keywords in H3 Tags4633-0.18-0.4488.29%
72DD007DomDetailer Majestic Links87,653,1218,226,853-0.18-0.2830.16%
73DD013DomDetailer Moz DA8744-0.18-0.4126.37%
74CPXX888Number of HTML Tags3,775871-0.18-0.4388.63%
75CP072Search Result Document Matches82-0.18-0.4766.13%
76CPXR018Keywords in Nav Tags6,34830-0.18-0.4387.78%
77CP050Ahrefs Internal Links730120-0.18-0.3714.49%
78CP049Ahrefs Images4417-0.18-0.415.73%
79CP486Keywords in pages top 3 most used phrases61-0.18-0.4687.70%
80CP152Keywords in H1 Tags181-0.18-0.4277.84%
81ENT005Entities in H4 Tags212-0.18-0.4766.22%
82CP113Search Result URL Matches222-0.18-0.4478.52%
83CP124aKeywords in Absolute URLs5,31352-0.18-0.4190.06%
84DD012DomDetailer Majestic TF7228-0.18-0.3928.48%
85CP048Ahrefs Image Backlinks292,9383,812-0.17-0.3613.40%
86CP383Keywords in Meta OpenGraph Description392-0.17-0.4476.58%
87DD016DomDetailer Moz Rank95-0.17-0.4225.27%
88ENT002Entities in H1 Tags202-0.17-0.4161.58%
89DD002DomDetailer Facebook Shares8,150,458-6,907,571-0.17-0.2528.90%
90CPXR003Number of Heading Tags10021-0.17-0.4187.62%
91CP385Keywords in Meta OpenGraph Content61-0.17-0.4772.62%
92CP007Ahrefs External Links22226-0.17-0.3313.73%
93ENT013Has Entities in H2 Tags11-0.17-0.5063.18%
94CP159aSearch Terms in H1-H6 Tags101-0.17-0.4387.03%
95CP146Keywords in the First 100 Words1998-0.17-0.4379.44%
96GD003Google Density Variations5,99253-0.17-0.4277.34%
97CPJLDxSANumber Of JSON-LD Types499-0.17-0.4383.40%
98CP032Ahrefs Has Image Backlinks10-0.17-0.4712.64%
99LSI001LSI Words in Title Tag206-0.17-0.3989.81%
100QS003Number of Questions997-0.17-0.3786.02%
101CPX003Keywords in Main Tags13,28073-0.17-0.4786.94%
102CP056Ahrefs Pages62-0.17-0.3913.73%
103CP052Ahrefs Linked Root Domains187-0.17-0.4213.40%
104CP425Number of HTTPS Links466139-0.16-0.3785.51%
105CP109Search Result Summary Text Matches603-0.16-0.4568.83%
106ENT014Has Entities in H3 Tags11-0.16-0.4860.74%
107CP427Number of Images with Alt Text7418-0.16-0.4087.36%
109ENT010Title Tag Has Entities11-0.16-0.4356.02%
110CP431Number of Internal Links439126-0.16-0.3785.00%
111CP484Leading Keywords in Title Tag10-0.16-0.4576.75%
112LSI006LSI Words in H2 Tags9417-0.16-0.3895.96%
113CP435Number of Links468143-0.16-0.3784.84%
114CP426Number of Images10827-0.16-0.3785.26%
115DD014DomDetailer Moz Links93,577,70318,542,803-0.16-0.2329.57%
116CPX013Keywords in Footer Tags1,77210-0.16-0.3882.81%
117CP410Number of DoFollow Links458137-0.16-0.3684.08%
118CPXR005Number of H2 Tags147-0.16-0.3788.37%
119QS004Number of Questions In Headings52-0.16-0.3831.09%
120CP374Keywords in the last 100 words2005-0.16-0.4080.88%
121CP391Number of Absolute URLs423143-0.16-0.3884.67%
122ENT012Has Entities in H1 Tags11-0.16-0.4459.31%
123CP164Leading Keywords in H2 Tags111-0.15-0.4085.59%
124CP151Leading Keywords in H1 Tags20-0.15-0.4376.83%
125CP469aSearch Terms in Sentences262-0.15-0.3889.55%
126CP022Ahrefs Has External Links11-0.15-0.4412.55%
127CP005Ahrefs Domain Rating7439-0.15-0.349.18%
128CP125Keywords making whole A Tags61-0.15-0.4183.07%
129CP473Keywords in Strong Tags1513-0.15-0.3986.02%
130CP034Ahrefs Has Internal Links11-0.15-0.4512.81%
131CPXR006Number of H3 Tags218-0.15-0.3784.08%
132LSI007LSI Words in H3 Tags8616-0.15-0.3692.50%
133CP376Keywords making whole LI Tags51-0.15-0.4181.89%
134CP483aSearch Terms in the Title Tag10-0.15-0.4082.06%
135CP130Keywords in Article Tags4,21724-0.15-0.4378.85%
136CP158Keywords making whole H1-H6 Tags50-0.15-0.4178.60%
137QS006Number of Questions In H2 Tags31-0.15-0.3680.37%
138QS012Headings Has Question10-0.15-0.4476.50%
139CP358Inline Javascript Kilobytes12132-0.15-0.3482.31%
140CP033Ahrefs Has Images11-0.15-0.424.97%
141CP154Keywords making whole H1, H2, and H3 Tags20-0.15-0.4176.33%
142ENT011Meta Description Tag Has Entities11-0.14-0.4355.01%
143CPJLD247Has JSON-LD State10-0.14-0.426.82%
144CP451Number of US Phone Numbers1257-0.14-0.3379.53%
145CP467Keywords in Section Tags1,68920-0.14-0.4086.60%
146CP057Ahrefs Page Size52,88926,296-0.14-0.275.56%
147CP150aSearch Terms in H1 Tags10-0.14-0.3881.21%
148CP006Ahrefs Edu Backlinks87,716627-0.14-0.3610.95%
149CP485Keywords in pages most used phrase20-0.14-0.4180.12%
150DD011DomDetailer Majestic Referring .gov Links31,500,8693,635,602-0.14-0.2427.80%
151CP021Ahrefs Has EDU Backlinks10-0.14-0.4010.28%
152CP036Ahrefs Has Linked Root Domains11-0.14-0.4412.64%
153CP108Search Result Summary Length222155-0.14-0.3269.67%
154CPJLD011Has JSON-LD Answer10-0.14-0.4365.21%
155CP477Keywords in Title Attributes4117-0.14-0.3785.59%
156CPJLD217Has JSON-LD Question10-0.14-0.4365.29%
157CP177Keywords in H4-H6 Tags582-0.14-0.3882.56%
158CP347Has US Phone Number10-0.14-0.4165.29%
159ENT015Has Entities in H4 Tags10-0.14-0.4256.53%
160CP357Inline CSS Kilobytes10233-0.14-0.3779.95%
161CP472Keywords making whole Span Tags61-0.14-0.3886.02%
162LSI003LSI Words in Meta Description Tag409-0.14-0.3490.40%
163QS007Number of Questions In H3 Tags41-0.14-0.3879.36%
164CPJLD086Has JSON-LD FinancialProduct10-0.14-0.462.95%
165CP479Title Has Sales Words10-0.14-0.4069.08%
166CPJLD236Has JSON-LD ServiceChannel10-0.14-0.433.71%
167CP355Keywords in ID Attributes3892-0.14-0.3782.56%
168CP479iiTitle Has Sentiment Words10-0.14-0.4069.33%
169CP353Head Size Kilobytes12846-0.14-0.3477.34%
170CP377Load Time Milliseconds25,7362,345-0.14-0.2864.03%
171CP126aSearch Terms in A Tags472-0.14-0.3485.85%
172CP150a2Search Terms in H2 Tags50-0.14-0.3885.93%
173CP356Keywords in I Tags5077-0.14-0.3879.36%
174CP173Keywords in H4 Tags491-0.13-0.3783.40%
175PAGE009Number of Prices34834-0.13-0.3376.92%
176CPJLD131Has JSON-LD LegalService10-0.13-0.352.19%
177CPXR007Number of H4 Tags754-0.13-0.3577.76%
178CPJLDxCBNumber Of Claimed Brands261-0.13-0.3674.73%
179CP413Number of External Links5318-0.13-0.3175.15%
180CP168Leading Keywords in H3 Tags151-0.13-0.3683.15%
181LSI005LSI Words in H1 Tags164-0.13-0.3088.46%
182PAGE008Is Store Page10-0.13-0.4163.02%
183CP015Ahrefs Gov Backlinks6,754329-0.13-0.346.57%
184CPJLD241Has JSON-LD SoftwareApplication10-0.13-0.366.57%
185CPJLD068Has JSON-LD Dentist10-0.13-0.372.11%
186PAGE002Is Inner Page11-0.13-0.400.17%
187GD002Google Exact Match Density20-0.13-0.3939.09%
188CP060Ahrefs Redirects1965-0.13-0.3112.55%
189CP139Keywords in Class Attributes4,89816-0.13-0.3480.37%
190CPJLD122Has JSON-LD ImageObject10-0.13-0.3960.24%
191CPJLD107Has JSON-LD Hospital10-0.13-0.403.54%
192CP319Has Schema Markup11-0.13-0.3869.08%
193CP460Percentage of DoFollow Internal Links9380-0.13-0.3468.83%
194ENT006Entities in H5 Tags71-0.13-0.3856.87%
195CP440Number of NoFollow Links306-0.13-0.3178.43%
196CP041Ahrefs Has Redirects10-0.13-0.4011.79%
197CP149Keywords making whole H1 Tags10-0.13-0.3874.05%
198CP415Number of FaceBook Pages52-0.13-0.2971.27%
199CPJLD007Has JSON-LD AggregateRating10-0.13-0.4060.32%
200CP381aSearch Terms in Meta Descriptions10-0.13-0.3582.31%

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