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Understanding The Top Factors Data

We measure up to 2100 possible SEO factors and we use both Spearman's and Pearson's correlation coefficients to help identify likely ranking factors that may be contributing to the sort order of the search results. To date this method has been highly successful in helping top SEOs rank pages. The factors you see in this report are the strongest correlations of the 2100 factors. We continue to measure all possible factors because we don't know which factors will stop working or which factors will start working again. We still suspect we don't know all the factors. So in general, if it is measurable and plausible we will measure it going forward.


Any of the keyword variations, including the exact match, Google makes bold in the search results.

Search Terms

The exact match search terms you used in Google.


Any term that has a wikipedia page, GMB, MREID. These are nouns that Google's AI understands topically.

LSI Words

An industry misnomer. These tend to generally be statistically discovered entities. No two implementations of LSI are the same. SEOs use LSI words when entity recognition isn't available in their language. The lists tend to have a lot of overlap and they are used the same... just sprinkle them in your content.

Search Result

If a factor name mentions "Search Result" then that factor is measuring something about how the page is presented in the Google search results.

#1 Max Column

The maximum measurement found in the #1 position in Google.

Page 1 Avg Column

The average page 1 average across thousands of keywords in Google.

Keywords Column

The percentage of thousands of keywords that this factor was a strong correlation for.

Why are you sharing such valuable information?

We share the information because it helps our industry learn about SEO. The measurement facts about how pages in the number one rank position are tuned typically break people's belief-based assumptions about how search works. This information is very inefficient for SEO in general. People still need Cora SEO Software because the amount of each factor you need to compete will change from keyword to keyword and URL to URL. So the information in this report might be good for some keywords but it might be too little or too much for other keywords. At the end of the day SEO is about ranking efficiently, especially if you are a professional full time SEO. Tuning your page to the correct amount for your keyword competitors is the key to efficient SEO.

Some factors aren't meant to be tuned.

Some factors on this list are meant to inform us if Google is using certain algorithms or parts of algorithms. If you generally have no idea how to tune for something then skip it or go learn about it. If there are HTML tags, HTML attributes, or Schema Objects you don't know then please look them up before contacting us. W3Schools HTML Reference, Reference


Top SEO Factors - 2022-08-18 - View Factors By Date
OrdinalFactor IDName#1 MaxPage 1 AvgCorrelationCorrelation By PageKeywords
1CPZZZ50Number of Top 50 Shared Factors Used4520-0.38-0.6095.04%
2CPZZZ100Number of Top 100 Shared Factors Used8944-0.35-0.5995.11%
3CPZZZNumber of Factors Used222128-0.32-0.6092.19%
4CPZZZ200Number of Top 200 Shared Factors Used15581-0.31-0.5892.46%
5ENT000aNumber of Entities Used8029-0.29-0.6274.66%
6CP059Ahrefs Rank4717-0.27-0.5511.82%
7CP062Ahrefs Referring Domains3,941169-0.27-0.4015.90%
8CP063Ahrefs Referring IP Addresses2,429122-0.26-0.4016.03%
9CP061Ahrefs Referring Class C Addresses1,40888-0.26-0.4016.03%
10CP470Keywords in the HTML Tag1,993213-0.26-0.5495.92%
11CP067Ahrefs Text Backlinks385,47010,184-0.25-0.3415.49%
12CP002Ahrefs Backlinks385,58210,207-0.25-0.3515.49%
13CP064Ahrefs Referring Pages385,58110,207-0.25-0.3515.49%
14CP134Keywords in Body Tag1,848190-0.25-0.5395.31%
15CP054Ahrefs NoFollow Backlinks111,8931,965-0.25-0.3515.69%
16ENT009Entities in Title Tag73-0.24-0.5366.98%
17CP004Ahrefs Dofollow Backlinks369,8718,196-0.23-0.3315.56%
18CP161Keywords in H1-H6 Tags398-0.23-0.5192.19%
19CP157Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 Tags327-0.23-0.5192.39%
20DD015DomDetailer Moz PA6648-0.22-0.5226.49%
21CPX010Keywords in Div Tags1,041121-0.22-0.5091.37%
22ENT003Entities in H2 Tags398-0.22-0.5273.85%
23CP135Body Tag Size Kilobytes33694-0.22-0.4892.66%
24DD010DomDetailer Majestic Referring Subnets89,43117,823-0.22-0.3227.51%
25CP129Keywords in A Tags16826-0.22-0.4793.55%
26DD006DomDetailer Majestic IPs288,11562,650-0.22-0.3127.65%
27CP005Ahrefs Domain Rating8048-0.22-0.5012.77%
28DD008DomDetailer Majestic Referring Domains1,908,241363,070-0.22-0.3127.85%
29ENT004Entities in H3 Tags337-0.21-0.5273.17%
30CP153Keywords in H1 and H2 Tags224-0.21-0.4990.35%
31DD005DomDetailer Majestic CF5938-0.21-0.5026.83%
32DD013DomDetailer Moz DA7847-0.21-0.4726.02%
33CP465Keywords in P Tags37134-0.21-0.4892.12%
34CP097Search Result Link Text Matches31-0.21-0.4975.34%
35CP071Search Result Display URL Matches31-0.21-0.4975.34%
36CP375Keywords in LI Tags14818-0.21-0.4793.34%
37CP458Page Size Kilobytes547168-0.21-0.4789.74%
38CP038Ahrefs Has NoFollow Backlinks11-0.21-0.5315.01%
39CP469Keywords in Sentences25526-0.20-0.4589.81%
40CP470aSearch Terms in the HTML Tag44718-0.20-0.4687.57%
41DD012DomDetailer Majestic TF5328-0.20-0.4526.15%
42CPXX888Number of HTML Tags2,155938-0.20-0.4790.15%
43DD016DomDetailer Moz Rank85-0.20-0.4725.34%
44CP127Keywords in A Tag HREFs36351-0.20-0.4491.85%
45CP465cKeywords in script Tags35738-0.20-0.4692.32%
46CP127bKeywords in Unique A Tag HREFs33335-0.20-0.4492.19%
47CP481Keywords in Title Tag41-0.20-0.4674.12%
48CP134aSearch Terms in Body Tag36319-0.19-0.4491.98%
49CP070Ahrefs Word Count3,7891,451-0.19-0.4611.01%
50CP045Ahrefs Has Text Backlinks11-0.19-0.5015.56%
51CKWD001Clean Keyword Density in the HTML Tag204-0.19-0.4578.13%
52CP019Ahrefs Has DoFollow Backlinks11-0.19-0.5015.35%
53CP017Ahrefs Has Backlinks11-0.19-0.5015.56%
54CP475Term Frequency63-0.19-0.4491.03%
55DD007DomDetailer Majestic Links208,723,5773,320,663-0.19-0.2026.29%
56CP160Leading Keywords in H1-H6 Tags112-0.19-0.4488.04%
57CP165Keywords in H2 Tags203-0.19-0.4691.64%
58DD014DomDetailer Moz Links56,411,8972,829,891-0.19-0.2527.11%
59CP156Leading Keywords in H1, H2, and H3 Tags71-0.19-0.4487.84%
60DD002DomDetailer Facebook Shares8,812,702-7,411,254-0.19-0.2827.65%
61CP488Keywords in pages top 10 most used phrases52-0.19-0.4781.73%
62ENT001Entities in HTML Tag1,763364-0.19-0.4198.17%
63CP999Search Result Path Matches51-0.19-0.4474.59%
64CP492bUnabridged Word Count5,1431,892-0.19-0.4186.96%
65CP140Clean Text Kilobytes3112-0.18-0.4186.48%
66ENT018Entities in Sentences491112-0.18-0.4097.89%
67CP128Keywords in Alt Attributes707-0.18-0.4390.42%
68CP072Search Result Document Matches41-0.18-0.4662.09%
69CP050Ahrefs Internal Links597162-0.18-0.3715.83%
70CP492Word Count3,7641,521-0.18-0.4086.82%
71ENT010Title Tag Has Entities11-0.18-0.4651.70%
72ENT002Entities in H1 Tags62-0.18-0.4363.32%
73CP468Number of Sentences27167-0.18-0.3986.75%
74CP137Keywords in the Canonical URL51-0.18-0.4480.84%
75CP471Keywords in Span Tags809-0.18-0.4391.44%
76GD001Google Variation Density112-0.18-0.4480.30%
77CP425Number of HTTPS Links481156-0.18-0.4184.65%
78CP487Keywords in pages top 5 most used phrases31-0.18-0.4780.64%
79CP159aSearch Terms in H1-H6 Tags141-0.17-0.4288.65%
80CPXR003Number of Heading Tags5721-0.17-0.4188.79%
81ENT008Entities in Meta Description Tag93-0.17-0.4463.79%
82CP152Keywords in H1 Tags41-0.17-0.4177.11%
83GD004Google Density Exact Matches663-0.17-0.4266.92%
84CP056Ahrefs Pages82-0.17-0.3514.20%
85CP435Number of Links489160-0.17-0.4085.19%
86CPXR24Number of P Tags15239-0.17-0.4184.78%
87CP410Number of DoFollow Links472154-0.17-0.4084.38%
88CP113Search Result URL Matches51-0.17-0.4275.68%
89CP381Keywords in Meta Descriptions72-0.17-0.4278.67%
90CP484Leading Keywords in Title Tag10-0.17-0.4776.43%
91CP431Number of Internal Links480141-0.17-0.4085.53%
92CPJLD086Has JSON-LD FinancialProduct10-0.17-0.562.38%
93ENT013Has Entities in H2 Tags11-0.17-0.4864.67%
94CP049Ahrefs Images5520-0.17-0.4010.26%
95CP124aKeywords in Absolute URLs48848-0.17-0.3988.65%
96CP169Keywords in H3 Tags263-0.16-0.4190.01%
97CP358Inline Javascript Kilobytes20038-0.16-0.3684.44%
98CPXR018Keywords in Nav Tags24220-0.16-0.4087.77%
99CPX003Keywords in Main Tags47053-0.16-0.4586.89%
100ENT012Has Entities in H1 Tags11-0.16-0.4558.49%
101ENT005Entities in H4 Tags162-0.16-0.4467.93%
102DD011DomDetailer Majestic Referring .gov Links26,029,2654,468,004-0.16-0.2925.48%
103CP427Number of Images with Alt Text9319-0.16-0.3886.01%
104CPXR005Number of H2 Tags187-0.16-0.4087.91%
105CP426Number of Images9929-0.16-0.3686.41%
106CP007Ahrefs External Links11828-0.16-0.3015.96%
107CP483aSearch Terms in the Title Tag20-0.16-0.4178.33%
108CP057Ahrefs Page Size74,50832,405-0.16-0.3710.46%
109CP385Keywords in Meta OpenGraph Content31-0.16-0.4269.84%
110CP151Leading Keywords in H1 Tags10-0.16-0.4378.87%
111CPJLDxSANumber Of JSON-LD Types399-0.16-0.4081.93%
112ENT014Has Entities in H3 Tags11-0.16-0.4662.91%
113CP052Ahrefs Linked Root Domains317-0.16-0.3715.49%
114CP048Ahrefs Image Backlinks175,9673,345-0.16-0.3013.52%
115QS003Number of Questions786-0.15-0.3480.98%
116CP486Keywords in pages top 3 most used phrases21-0.15-0.4281.86%
117CPXR006Number of H3 Tags268-0.15-0.3786.14%
118CP383Keywords in Meta OpenGraph Description81-0.15-0.4073.37%
119CP469aSearch Terms in Sentences342-0.15-0.3789.13%
120CPX013Keywords in Footer Tags1177-0.15-0.3781.66%
121CP146Keywords in the First 100 Words366-0.15-0.3972.69%
122CP467Keywords in Section Tags18416-0.15-0.4186.35%
123CP032Ahrefs Has Image Backlinks10-0.15-0.4212.57%
124CP022Ahrefs Has External Links11-0.15-0.4213.25%
125GD003Google Density Variations23234-0.15-0.3674.25%
126CP391Number of Absolute URLs441154-0.15-0.3783.08%
127CP413Number of External Links6219-0.15-0.3476.49%
128QS004Number of Questions In Headings61-0.15-0.3635.39%
129CP034Ahrefs Has Internal Links11-0.15-0.4213.25%
130CP036Ahrefs Has Linked Root Domains11-0.15-0.4213.11%
132CP164Leading Keywords in H2 Tags51-0.15-0.3885.53%
133PAGE009Number of Prices31741-0.15-0.3379.76%
134CP158Keywords making whole H1-H6 Tags20-0.15-0.4077.51%
135CP150aSearch Terms in H1 Tags20-0.14-0.3779.08%
136CP477Keywords in Title Attributes757-0.14-0.3783.15%
137CP154Keywords making whole H1, H2, and H3 Tags20-0.14-0.4076.43%
138CP125Keywords making whole A Tags161-0.14-0.3780.64%
139CP353Head Size Kilobytes13947-0.14-0.3477.11%
140CP479Title Has Sales Words10-0.14-0.4166.24%
141CP479iiTitle Has Sentiment Words10-0.14-0.4165.35%
142CP357Inline CSS Kilobytes12935-0.14-0.3779.55%
143CP313Has Privacy Policy11-0.14-0.4178.33%
144CP006Ahrefs Edu Backlinks10,951162-0.14-0.3411.21%
145CP126aSearch Terms in A Tags843-0.14-0.3487.02%
146CP377Load Time Milliseconds638,0813,471-0.14-0.3064.61%
147CP080Search Result Has Exact Match Domain10-0.14-0.398.70%
148ENT011Meta Description Tag Has Entities11-0.14-0.4255.50%
149CP033Ahrefs Has Images11-0.14-0.408.36%
150LSI002LSI Words in Sentences2,660567-0.14-0.3098.30%
151CP409Number of DoFollow External Links4916-0.14-0.3274.73%
152CP374Keywords in the last 100 words273-0.14-0.3676.43%
153CP376Keywords making whole LI Tags71-0.14-0.3881.86%
154QS012Headings Has Question10-0.14-0.4174.66%
155CP150a2Search Terms in H2 Tags71-0.14-0.3787.77%
156CP213Has FavIcon11-0.14-0.4064.95%
157DD001DomDetailer Facebook Comments34073-0.14-0.3323.78%
158CP473Keywords in Strong Tags152-0.14-0.3681.59%
159CP472Keywords making whole Span Tags181-0.13-0.3684.85%
160CP356Keywords in I Tags626-0.13-0.3781.66%
161QS006Number of Questions In H2 Tags51-0.13-0.3576.56%
162CPJLD045Has JSON-LD Casino10-0.13-0.341.09%
163CPJLD011Has JSON-LD Answer10-0.13-0.4162.91%
164CP021Ahrefs Has EDU Backlinks10-0.13-0.3910.33%
165CPJLD217Has JSON-LD Question10-0.13-0.4163.18%
166CP432Number of JavaScript Includes2814-0.13-0.3471.06%
167CPXR002Number of HTML Comments29332-0.13-0.3578.33%
168CP130Keywords in Article Tags12618-0.13-0.3975.68%
169CP060Ahrefs Redirects85312-0.13-0.3512.98%
170CPXR007Number of H4 Tags264-0.13-0.3478.33%
171CP345Has Terms of Service10-0.13-0.4070.04%
172CP003Ahrefs Canonical Backlinks151-0.13-0.3910.94%
173CP109Search Result Summary Text Matches42-0.13-0.3853.74%
174QS007Number of Questions In H3 Tags41-0.13-0.3677.79%
175CP444Number of Social Accounts31-0.13-0.3369.23%
176ENT015Has Entities in H4 Tags10-0.13-0.4057.88%
177CP149Keywords making whole H1 Tags10-0.13-0.3874.32%
178CP381aSearch Terms in Meta Descriptions20-0.13-0.3582.34%
179PAGE010Number of Schema Products90-0.13-0.4141.44%
180CP440Number of NoFollow Links276-0.13-0.3178.40%
181CP451Number of US Phone Numbers766-0.13-0.3176.49%
182CP319Has Schema Markup11-0.13-0.3970.24%
183CP204Has Canonical URL11-0.13-0.3965.42%
184PAGE002Is Inner Page11-0.13-0.380.61%
185CP099Search Result Number of Dirs in Path32-0.12-0.3460.05%
186CP207Has Contact Page11-0.12-0.3862.50%
187PAGE004Is Purchase Page11-0.12-0.3969.43%
188CP485Keywords in pages most used phrase10-0.12-0.3675.41%
189CP418Number of Forms142-0.12-0.3372.49%
190CP168Leading Keywords in H3 Tags50-0.12-0.3582.47%
191CP018Ahrefs Has Canonical Backlinks10-0.12-0.4010.19%
192CP430Number of Instagram Pages111-0.12-0.3274.32%
193CP445Number of Social Pages143-0.12-0.2969.36%
194CP041Ahrefs Has Redirects10-0.12-0.3811.68%
195LSI001LSI Words in Title Tag154-0.12-0.2892.32%
196CP364Is OpenGraph Type Article10-0.12-0.3851.83%
197CP114Search Result Uses HTTPS11-0.12-0.3658.22%
198CP415Number of FaceBook Pages52-0.12-0.2867.26%
199CP464Percentage of NoFollow Links154-0.12-0.3071.13%
200CP355Keywords in ID Attributes171-0.12-0.3483.63%

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